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Sunday 22 November 2015

Chair’s Corner: Notes from the CCÉ Ottawa Chair, November 2015

A very heartfelt thank you to the members of the executive who have stepped in to the activities that I normally do (due to current health problems).

Thank you to all of the members of the executive who attended the Regional AGM in Kingston: C. Hamm, P. Avendano, and branch members M. Maher, T. Forsythe, B. Guglich, and P. Cassidy.  We have a new Regional Executive, see the previous blog post

The next Regional Meting will be in Sudbury in 2016. The dates are October 22nd, the 4th Saturday of the month. Also CCÉ Ottawa Branch member P. Cassidy will take the responsibilities of the regional membership and work with the new Treasurer to ensure a smooth transition.

Jack Hickman and Elmer Strong were given Service Awards by the Kingston Branch.

The outgoing Regional Chair is looking for venues to host the Echoes of Erin concert for next fall (2016). She has asked that the concert tour begin in mid-September so that the tour will not coincide with Canadian Thanksgiving. She is still waiting for an answer.

Ann Gorman McKinney, PRO for the Region, produced a great document highlighting the achievements and hard work of A. McConnell – Strong, P. Gorman and P.McGuire as all they stepped down from the Regional Board this year.

All branches were strongly encouraged to make use of social media to advertise and promote our branch events. If we would like to submit articles for Treoir, please submit them to the Chair (Ena O’Brien).

I have been in told that the dance classes with Danny Doyle are going very well.

We also purchased 20 copies of Gaeilge gan Stró (10 beginner and 10 low intermediate). They should arrive shortly; so that the students who need a copy can get one.

The branch wished to express its condolences to the following members:
  • B. Guglich on the sudden passing of her sister
  • C. McFee on the sudden passing of her brother.

 Respectfully submitted, Cathaoirleach

Friday 13 November 2015

Comhaltas 2015 Canada East Region AGM

2015 Comhaltas Canada East Region AGM

On Saturday 7 November 2015, the Harp of Tara CCE Kingston Branch, very graciously hosted the 2015 Regional AGM. There were several workshops on Saturday morning and a meet and greet event on Friday night.

Outgoing Regional Executive: Pat, Anne, Genevieve and Phyllis

The branches present at the meeting were Kingston, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, and Sudbury; Montreal and Saint John sent their regrets. Ottawa was represented by our Chair S. Scott, Vice-chair C. Hamm, M. Maher, B. Guglich, P. Cassidy, T. Forsythe, P. Avendano.

Some of the topics discussed were the branches proyected planning to celebrate Ireland's 1916 events (Easter Rising). This include presentations about the importance of the Irish language in the 1916 uprising via a collaboration between the University of Ottawa and the Irish Embassy.

There was the election of the new Regional Executive, where three long-serving officers were stepping down: Anne McConnell-Strong (President), Phyllis Gorman (Treasurer), and Patrick McGuire (Secretary). B. Guglich was asked to perform the duties of the Election's officer.

CCE Ottawa Branch's Bridget was the Elections Officer

Pat received tokens of appreciation from all Eastern Branches

Phyllis received tokens of appreciation from all Eastern Branches

Pat, Anne and Phyllis, the retiring members of the executive

The new officers are:

Ena O'Brien (TO) - Chairperson || Cathaoirleach

Maureen Mulvey O'Leary (TO) - Vice-Chairperson || Leascathaoirleach
Crystal McCollom (SB) - Secretary || Rúnaí
Sara Van Hamme (HA) - Treasurer || Cisteoir
Ann Gorman-McKinney (HA) - Public Relations Officer || Oifigeach Caidrimh Phoiblí
Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh (OT)- Irish Officer || Treoraí na Gaeilge
Genevieve Robinson (TO) - Youth Officer || Oifigeach na nÓg
Bridgit Ripley (SB) - Auditor || Reachtaire
Craig Hamm (OT) - Auditor || Reachtaire
Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh (OT) - Delegate to Province || Ionadaí
Steafan Hannigan (KG) - Delegate to Province || Ionadaí

Outgoing members and the 2015 Executive: Pat, Ena, Anne, Genevieve, Phyllis, Sarah
Pat Cassidy

Our own esteemed former Ottawa Branch Membership Officer (Pat Cassidy) was asked to take the role of Regional Membership Officer (Oifigeach Ballraíocht), a role that before was under the duties of the Regional Treasurer, since the incoming Treasurer is not familiar with the complex calculation of membership dues. Pat graciously accepted.

Toni and Maureen

Also the East Regions nominations for the Provincial Council members were selected. The Provincial Council members will be elected at the CCE Provincial Convention in St. Louis (Missouri) between 31 March to 6 April 2016.

A motion was passed (prior to the AGM) to request to CCE Ireland to change the dates for the 2016 Echoes of Erin tour to Canada can be moved, due to the problem of scheduling concert venues (and audiences) during the Canadian Thanskgiving, as it has been experienced in the past years. We are waiting for a response from Dublin.

There were services awards given to long-term members: Jack Hickman and Elmer Strong.
Jack Hickman

Elmer Strong

The next tentative date for the Regional AGM is for 22 October 2016 in Sudbury.

Until next time / Go dtí an chéad uair eile!