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Beidh poist a fhoilsiú i mBéarla agus i nGaeilge nuair is féidir. Tabhair cuairt orainn go minic. Is é seo an blag an compánach an láithreán gréasáin Comhaltas Ottawa:

Wednesday 7 October 2015

A student's reflection on the Arnprior Irish language immersion weekend

I remember when I first came to the Arnprior immersion weekend someone said "you'd be surprised at how much Irish you learn in just one weekend." 

Five years of tenses, genders, cases, and mutations (these are sexier than their English name suggest) later, it was sometimes difficult to keep this in mind. Two days could not possibly matter when faced with the immense task that is mastering a language. But in fact, every language weekend is like an overdue recharge. Two days without cooking. Two days soaking in fresh autumn air. Two days with friends. Two days hearing as much Irish as you desire. 

Galilee Mission Centre, Arnprior

Cheap mé gurb fhéidir liom é sin a scríobh as Gaeilge go léir, ach faraor tá mé fós níos compórdaigh dul i muinín an Bhéarla. Tá mé sásta, sin ráite, chun mo chuid Gaeilge a fheabhsú. Ní hé an deireadh seachtaine seo ach ceann do na seansanna atá ag an phobal na Gaeilge ar fud an domhan taisteál nó daoine suimiúla a chasadh. 

The events here use not only language classes to immerse learners, there is also music, dance, and games. Talking about grammar (no matter however necessary at times) will definitely earn prompt and loud 'boo's from the crowd. Not knowing Irish or not knowing "enough" Irish is not considered an original sin because all of us have been there. 

The organising committee puts many tireless hours of work into every such event so we learners can worry about nothing but to learn (with, perhaps, the exception of what to perform as a party piece). 

In fact, Arnprior is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the federal capital for everyone who has wondered what it would feel like to take part in an immersion environment. Keep an eye out for next year's brochure!

Submitted by O. Mou

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