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Beidh poist a fhoilsiú i mBéarla agus i nGaeilge nuair is féidir. Tabhair cuairt orainn go minic. Is é seo an blag an compánach an láithreán gréasáin Comhaltas Ottawa:

Monday 18 January 2016

1916 Centenary Commemorations in Canada's National Capital

A Celebration of the Irish Republic, Irish Language and the Irish Canadian Identity

2016 marks the 100th year since the declaration of an Irish Republic in 1916. The Uprising, of which the Declaration was a part, had enormous implications in Ireland, Canada, and worldwide. In Canada, it made public an Irish Canadian identity which supported political independence for the ancestral homeland; the Self Determination for Ireland League of Canada boasted a membership of 300,000. It also represented the high-water mark for the Orange Order in Canada, which numbered 200,000 at the time.

With respect to local politics, the Uprising and the subsequent achievement of independence raised hopes for increased Canadian autonomy. Canadians were becoming bitterly aware, during the First World War, that Dominion Status in an Empire did not equate to international sovereignty.

The leadership of the 1916 Uprising was largely drawn from the Gaelic League, which saw the Irish (Gaelic) language as Ireland's greatest heritage, and the key to Irish emancipation. For this reason, the lectures will be given in Irish (Gaelic), with simultaneous translation. The lectures will be followed by a commemorative service in Irish (Gaelic) and a singing workshop in the traditional style (Sean Nós) in Irish (Gaelic).

WHAT: 1916 Centenary Commemorative Conference

  • Reception, Friday 19 February, evening (at the Irish Ambassador's Residence, 291 Park Road, Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa)
  • Commemorative Lectures (Saturday, 20 February, 10:00AM to 3:00PM)
  • Commemorative Service (Saturday, 20 February, 3:00AM to 3:30PM)

WHEN: 19 and 20 February 2016

WHERE: Ottawa, Ontario: University of Ottawa

LANGUAGE: Irish, with simultaneous translation

COST: $60, Full Package. Click here for pricing of Individual Activities.

DETAILS: Click here



Later on Saturday 20 February, you can join us (Comhaltas Ottawa) at our monthly ceili starting at 7:00PM in the basement Hall of the Blessed Sacrament Church, 194 Fourth Avenue (with percy St.) in the Glebe in Ottawa. 

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